About Our Company

Designed Specifically To Help Meet Your Needs

Adams Dunlap Capital Management is designed specifically to help meet your needs. It brings a credit union’s “people helping people” core values to the wealth management services we offer our members.


Our world-class products, concepts and support companies – in combination with Adams Dunlap’s expertise in financial management and systems engineering – gives Adams Dunlap a competitive advantage in the marketplace.


Meeting the financial challenges of today’s consumers requires a unique mix of experience and expertise. Adams Dunlap is positioned to meet these challenges.


We are supported by some of the largest and most respected companies in the world today.

Meet Our Founder

Malcolm Adams

Malcolm Adams

Founder, Chairman & CEO Malcolm Adams, IAEE [next paragraph] Leveraging his 20 years of skills, experience, and relationships, Malcolm has strategically designed Adams Dunlap as a solution-based company to help individuals and families improve their lives through a professional business opportunity.

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